About GSC


“Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)” project was first presented to Burapha University Council on 24 August 1995. Burapha University is considered as the regional university, in the eastern of Thailand that has a physical attraction to students, especially for foreign students, since the university is located close to the sea where students are able to relax on their leisure time after they finish studying. There is also a campus dormitory as well as shuttle buses to facilitate both living and traveling for students, a clear and clean landscape view and a fitness center to promote healthy habits for students.

Afterward, M.B.A. changed its name to "M.B.A. Courses for Executives” because according to where the university is located, Eastern Thailand is flourishing with industrial factories from international companies. In order to develop business administrators to be knowledgeable and able to compete in the industry, the university had set up a program management unit called "Master of Business Administration for Executives" to manage the program effectively. On December 14, 1995, Master in Business Administration for Executives had been renamed "The Graduate School of Commerce: GSC" as a department in Burapha University to run courses in Business Administration and Commerce for masters and doctorates. In order to produce graduates specializing in business administration and research with innovation for both in the public and private sectors to support the development of the country.

Throughout 25 years, the Graduate School of Commerce: GSC has developed steadily and adjusted to suit the conditions that had changed over time. The latest development of MBA course for Executives in 2016 focused on students’ knowledge collectively together with morality and ability to execute in-depth research in various fields of Business Administration consists of as follows: 1) Finance and Accounting 2) Management Organization and Human Resources 3) Marketing and Sales 4) Manufacturing and service so that the graduates can apply the knowledge and skills to create wealth, stability and sustainability for organizations and agencies further in the future.

Integration of international and local business experts based, the design and development of M.B.A. courses for Executives complied with Thai Ministry of educational standard which included coursework and thesis work for 2 years.

Graduate School of Commerce (GSC), Burapha University, is a graduate school that offers Business Administration courses for Masters and Doctoral degrees. Five MBA programs contain the following courses: the Master of Business Administration for Executives, Master of Business Administration (International Program), Master of Business Administration in Global Business Management, Master of Business Administration in Public Management and Master of Business Administration in Organizational Development and Human capability. Three doctoral programs are Doctor of Business Administration (International Program), Doctor of Philosophy Program in Organization Development and Human Capability Management and Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public Enterprise Management.

The Graduate School of Commerce:GSC has encouraged teachers to use research and academic papers in the teaching process and encouraged faculty of teachers and students to do community research which its result can help the community to improve and develop social assistance for students. Furthermore, it can be to be presented and published to the national and international professional conferences and academic publications.

In order to fully support the research, the Graduate School of Commerce annually organized a seminar for presenting research to the faculty and students both inside and outside the institution and to the industry. It also publishes the journals of Business Administration "Journal of Graduate School of Commerce Burapha Review (วารสารวิทยาลัยพาณิชยศาสตร์บูรพาปริทัศน์)" for Thai version and for English version "Journal of Global Business Review", each journal has two volumes a year as an opportunity for its faculties and students to have their research published for the public.